Sorry I never update this journal! I am doing well, the pollution here is kind of horrible though. I have this constant cough and congestion that can only be from the pollution. I am still waiting for my schedule to start teaching after the new year. I’ve been tutoring 3 year old children three times a week, I’ve tutored college students, and private tutored high school students. Overall it has been an eventful new year’s vacation :) Last weekend we got a lot of new foreign teachers and I have to say, you meet all kinds of people in ESL. All ages and interests. I was really hoping to go to Taiwan after spending time here in China, but I think I will have to go home and save my money this time around. I’m starting to look for jobs and higher education programs. I have less than four months in China, this year went by so fast!










Neighborhood and Apartment

I am pretty lucky with my apartment, it’s really nice ^_^

Just a stairwell in my apartment building, but I think it looks cool.

It is very cold in this room, but since my computer is falling apart, this is where it stays.

Sorry, bit messy, doing laundry

No I didn’t pick the bedding. or furniture.

Isn’t it pretty? Remember, part of what makes it look like that is the

Working on it. Did I mention it’s cold? Yes that is the only chair in the entire apartment. No I didn’t pick any furniture in this place.

Apartment from the front door. Living room to the right, dining room and kitchen to the left. Look at the cool things on the corners, Weee. Bedroom to the right, study to the left.

pollution that sun is fighting its way through >.

My buddy.